Fairlight Instruments

To support the release of the Fairlight App, the old Fairlight Web site was migrated to WordPress and a whole new section was added for the App, including support and feedback forms, threaded discussions, videos, FAQs, help pages and so on. All that was done by Bisshop Systems.


A simple site to provide information about a revolutionary industrial bin made from recycled materials. Includes a web form for contacting the company. The page layout uses CSS to ensure that the appearance is similar for all font sizes selected by the visitor, and that the appearance is compatible with the printed material.

The Baha’is of Australia

This customer-developed CMS is hosted and maintained by the Baha’i National Office. It is a great example of how a number of staff, some of them volunteers, can use a Content Management System to allow a community’s members to keep in touch with each other, using just a Web browser.

iVFR.net flight planner and publisher

This service brings the power of Google Maps and WebObjects to the arcane and difficult world of flight planning, giving an easy-to-use system that allows a pilot to complete in a few minutes what it would normally take a few hours to do. If you would like to see how it works, you can sign up for a free membership online, or you can look at some published flights.

Voices from the Vacant Lot

Australia’s first anarcho-syndicalist post-traditional singing band. Really. This site not only supports all the usual interaction with the fans, it also has a lot of tools to support the choir members. When members update their contact details and biog, the private contact list and public promotional page are automatically updated. Performances are videotaped and these videos are served from the web site (only to choir members) for feedback and continuous improvement. Upcoming and past gigs are displayed in a blog format, automatically moving to the History section after they happen. Automated support for choir members voting on new songs. The site is based on WordPress, so adding and editing pages and posts is easily done by choir members.